Our President

Robert H Gates, President of Gates Construction Company, Inc. was born July 2, 1958 to Charles B. Gates and Willie B Gates. Grew up in Mooresville, NC and was greatly influenced by construction tradition. Mother was of the Barger family who started the present day Barger Construction in the early 1920's. Father was a graduate of North Carolina State University majoring in Civil Engineering-Construction and was the founder of Gates Construction Company, Inc in 1969.

He was a graduate of North Carolina State University with a degree in Civil Engineering - Construction. Masonry career began at Griffin Contractors in Morganton, NC in 1983 and led to Dixie Construction in 1985.

In 1989, he reactivated Gates Construction Company, Inc. into a masonry contractor to perform commercial masonry work in North and South Carolina. Today, Gates Construction Company, Inc. is celebrating 46 years as a construction company and 26 years as a commercial masonry contractor.

Married to Denise I Gates, who serves as Office Manager of Gates Construction Company, Inc. Have 6 children. Involved in various church, community and industry related organizations in Mooresville, NC.