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In 1969, Charles B. Gates began Gates Construction Company, Inc. as a general contracting business. The company performed commercial and industrial construction in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Upon his death in 1980, Gates Construction ceased as a general contractor. The company was reactivated in 1989 by his son, Robert H Gates, as a masonry contractor. As a masonry contractor, Gates Construction Company was operated initially from the basement of his parents home place. The office moved from his parent’s basement to a modular office on Highway 21 South just north of the present location.

The company experienced steady growth and realized expansion was necessary. Therefore, in May 1999, Gates Construction moved to the present location on Highway 21 South. This location was actually the original location of Gates Construction Company when operated by Charles B. Gates.

Over the years, Gates Construction has experienced tremendous growth from 10 employees to 400 employees today. Due to that growth, Gates Construction completed an expansion to the present building in May 2009. Currently, Gates Construction Company, Inc. performs $20-30 million in volume throughout North Carolina and South Carolina.


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